Accountants Advisory Group, LLC is a national and international consulting firm to Public Accounting Firms.  The professionals of Accountants Advisory Group consult through practical industry experience, having held executive positions in the Certified Public Accounting industry in the areas of partner governance, practice management, marketing and human capital.  Our advisors include Certified Public Accountants, who speak from real-world experience to guide firms and help them make strategic and, at times, difficult but necessary decisions.

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We encourage you to learn more about Accountants Advisory Group and how we can help you energize your firm and maximize the value of your practice. Contact Us to get started.

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There has been a considerable number of articles and discussions concerning partner accountability over the last 10 years. Why is it that so many firms struggle with this issue? Why is it that even after implementing an accountability-based system, many firms fail to get to the next level of success through higher degrees of partner performance and accountability? Traditionally, partner accountability provides guidance to partners on establishing and implementing their goals and objectives and is ... continue reading