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Accountants Advisory Group, LLC consults to CPA/Public Accounting Firms in the areas of succession planning, marketing, human resources, staff career development, mergers & acquisitions, partner and staff compensation methods, and partner retreats.

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From the Red Zone

Anyone Can Make it Drizzle

It’s hard to make it “rain,” but anyone can make it drizzle with the proper professional support, a well-directed and managed marketing program, and practice development coaching and training. Supporting partners’ practice development efforts with professional assistance and a focused game plan can increase the amount of new business they will engage each year and enable all partners to be successful at practice development. Practice development is a contact sport that requires a systematic and ... continue reading

It’s Winning Time

It’s playoff time in the NFL and teams need to avoid common pitfalls to get to the Super Bowl. We have come up with some common pitfalls we have seen in the public accounting environment that winning public accounting firms need to avoid. Believing that a firm (of any size) can be successful in the long-term without strong leadership at the Managing Partner level. It’s acceptable to fail at implementing action items from annual retreats ... continue reading

Slow Implementation—The #1 Obstacle to Sustained Future Success

Implementation is the process that transforms plans and strategies into actions to achieve an organization’s goals and objectives. Unfortunately, many CPA firms fail to implement their strategies and business plans or do so in a painfully slow manner and don’t pay proper attention to their most important client—their Firm. Slow implementation is by far the #1 obstacle in growth and succession that is fueling the volume of mergers that is taking place across the nation. ... continue reading