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Accountants Advisory Group, LLC consults to CPA/Public Accounting Firms in the areas of succession planning, marketing, human resources, staff career development, mergers & acquisitions, partner and staff compensation methods, and partner retreats.

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From the Red Zone

The Profitable Family Office Practice: A Workshop for Accounting Professionals

“The Profitable Family Office Practice: A Workshop for Accounting Professionals” will be held on Tuesday, June 16, 2015. I am making two presentations during this one-day workshop which will address some of the critical considerations and opportunities for accounting-based family office practices. Please visit: for more details and registration information. Seating is limited. ... continue reading

Salary Caps Force Tough Decisions

According to the 2014 IPA Bench Marking Report, profit margins are generally being challenged across most commodity service lines by rising personnel costs and lower productivity, thus forcing firms to increase profitability and productivity at the partner levels rather than using leverage.
While accounting firms don’t use a staff salary cap on a contractual basis, it makes good business sense to use it as an organizational or segment budgeting and planning tool. ... continue reading