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Accountants Advisory Group, LLC consults to Public Accounting Firms in the areas of succession and strategic planning, marketing and lead generation, human resources and staff career development, mergers & acquisitions, managing partner coaching and advisory, partner compensation and performance methods, and partner retreats.

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From the Red Zone

Aligning Culture and Strategy

Why do so many strategic plans fail to materialize into success stories? Why are they so difficult to implement? Quite often the root of the problem is a lack of alignment with firm culture and the firm’s strategic planning. It Starts at the Top The success of a strategic initiative necessitates that the leadership transform and adapt the firm’s culture to be in alignment with the strategy. A cultural transformation shift starts at the top ... continue reading

Anyone Can Make It Drizzle

When it comes to marketing and lead generation, it’s hard to make it “rain,” but with adequate marketing assistance and support, and a well-directed and professionally managed marketing and lead generation program, everyone can make it “drizzle.” Supporting partners’ practice development efforts with professional marketing assistance and a focused, consistent, and well-executed game plan can increase the amount and quality of new business they will engage each year. It will also enable most partners to ... continue reading

Avoiding Busted M&A Deals

We regularly hear about M&A transactions that have been successfully completed, but many more deals are terminated either during the process of negotiations, or after due diligence has taken place. A busted M&A deal taking place after many months of discussions and negotiations is a Managing Partner’s worst nightmare. The M&A deal process can be one of the most significant events for a firm and its partners. The intentions behind such a transaction are unique ... continue reading