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Accountants Advisory Group, LLC is a strategic consulting firm that incorporates state-of-the-art practice management, marketing and human capital strategies to assist CPA firms in achieving long-term success and profitability. We advise accountants in establishing and reaching their goals, increasing their profitability and securing their future by focusing on the collaborative relationship among these three key areas.

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From the Red Zone

Refining the Firm’s Business Model—Part 1

How do accounting firm leaders create a sustainable, top and bottom line growing and thriving organization of the future? It’s accomplished through refining the firm’s business model. One facet of refining the business model means focusing and aligning the firm’s strategy and acquiring appropriate resources to more effectively meet the needs and demands of the best clients and the evolving marketplace (or meet a broader range of needs and adding additional value). The process of ... continue reading

Culling the Herd (Clients)

In the ranching industry, culling is the process of removing or setting aside livestock from a herd based on certain “retention criteria.” This is done to remove undesirable cattle from the herd that are absorbing valuable rancher resources, thereby lowering the rancher’s return on investment of time and money, and thus reducing profits. Similarly, undesirable clients in public accounting firms also absorb valuable resources similar to a rancher’s dilemma. No firm wishes to lose clients, ... continue reading