Accountants Advisory Group, LLC is a national and international consulting firm to Public Accounting Firms.  The professionals of Accountants Advisory Group consult through practical industry experience, having held executive positions in the Certified Public Accounting industry in the areas of partner governance, practice management, marketing and human capital.  Our advisors include Certified Public Accountants, who speak from real-world experience to guide firms and help them make strategic and, at times, difficult but necessary decisions.

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We encourage you to learn more about Accountants Advisory Group and how we can help you energize your firm and maximize the value of your practice. Contact Us to get started.

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Attributes of High Performing Managing Partners

This RedZone discusses a few of the attributes of High Performing Managing Partners. We will discuss additional attributes in future RedZones. They are Decisive The accounting firm marketplace is changing quickly, and is requiring managing partners to make vital strategic decisions quite often, and faster, then ever before. “High Performing Managing Partners” (HPMPs) are decisive and act with a sense of urgency in making decisions to achieve higher levels of success for their firms and ... continue reading