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Accountants Advisory Group, LLC consults to CPA/Public Accounting Firms in the areas of succession planning, marketing, human resources, staff career development, mergers & acquisitions, partner and staff compensation methods, and partner retreats.

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From the Red Zone

The Denial Trap in Public Accounting

The CPA profession has changed significantly, i.e., ongoing consolidation, lack of quality CPAs, baby boomer partners retiring at a rapid pace, increased competition for new clients, fee sensitivity for compliance-type services, etc. Many firms are having difficulty adapting to this change and are in denial regarding succession planning and the related new market reality that firms need to be run like businesses. Denial is also more endemic among firms with older baby boomer partners. This ... continue reading

Beware of Comfort Zoners and Entitlement

Without a doubt, one of the most significant reasons for succession planning problems in public accounting is the vast number of comfort zoners in the partner and manager ranks. Many comfort zoners are good accountants and client service professionals, but lack the passion and entrepreneurial spirit that is vital to take a firm to higher levels of success. The number of comfort zoner partners and managers has reached epidemic proportions and is at the root ... continue reading

Beyond Partner Accountability

There has been a significant amount of articles and discussions concerning partner accountability in the last 10 years. In addition, according to a recent AICPA survey, partner accountability has risen to the number one issue in CPA firms. So, why is it that so many firms struggle with this issue? Why is it that even after implementing an accountability-based system, many firms fail to get to the next level of success through higher degrees of ... continue reading