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Accountants Advisory Group, LLC consults to Public Accounting Firms in the areas of succession and strategic planning, marketing and lead generation, human resources and staff career development, mergers & acquisitions, managing partner coaching and advisory, partner compensation and performance methods, and partner retreats.

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From the Red Zone

Great Leadership and Managing Stars

One of the most essential goals for CPA firms is developing, attracting, and retaining highly competent partners who become the future Managing Partners (MPs) and leaders. Without the appropriate amount of partner “stars”, it’s unlikely that a firm can be successful in the long-term and develop a succession plan. Partner stars are highly skilled, talented and entrepreneurial professionals who contribute to the firm in meaningful and innovative ways that allows the firm to develop a ... continue reading

Determining a Merger Strategy

There has been an unprecedented number of firms combining their practices as an integral part of achieving their long-term strategic plans, rather than as a remedy for short-term succession problems. The strategic approach to merging has added substantiation to what we have been observing in the marketplace—there is relentless pressure on leaders of small to medium-sized accounting firms to grow in a very competitive market for new clients while simultaneously competing for quality staff. Increasing ... continue reading

Unlocking Growth Potential with Advisory Services

Joseph Tarasco and Nancy Damato, the leaders of Accountants Advisory Group, LLC, presented the webinar, “Unlocking Growth Potential with Advisory Services” on September 20, 2016.  They discussed how the practice leaders of today’s accounting firms can adapt quickly to the needs of the changing marketplace by providing advisory services, as traditional services are commoditizing and clients are becoming more fee sensitive. We thank everyone at Sageworks for hosting and all who attended for your time ... continue reading