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Accountants Advisory Group, LLC is a strategic consulting firm that incorporates state-of-the-art practice management, marketing and human capital strategies to assist CPA firms in achieving long-term success and profitability. We advise accountants in establishing and reaching their goals, increasing their profitability and securing their future by focusing on the collaborative relationship among these three key areas.

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From the Red Zone

C’Mon Man!

“C’Mon Man!” is a segment of the pre-game shows broadcasted before NFL games. During the show, each broadcaster will describe a play or series of plays from the previous week’s NFL games that were player mistakes or bad coaching judgment calls that made the broadcasters scratch their heads and say “C’Mon Man!” We have come up with some common pitfalls we have seen in the public accounting environment and have created our own C’Mon Man! ... continue reading

T’was the end of the year & all through the firm . . .

T’was the end of the year and all through the firm, Not a staff person was stressing, not even an intern. The staff they were celebrating today without a care, Knowing that next tax season soon would be there.   The partners had nestled in to plan the year ahead. While visions of bonuses danced in their heads. And I on the phone, receivables still to collect. Was thinking of my own bonus to protect. ... continue reading

Succession Reality Check

The November 2014 Journal of Accountancy published information regarding a recent survey by the Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) which the AICPA participated in. The survey found that 50% of the respondents have “challenges in replacing the skills of departing owners” and 41% said they have challenges “transitioning clients from retiring partners/principals” and with “partners reluctance to relinquish work relationships.” In addition, 40% said they have “challenges training/mentoring staff for partner/principal roles.” It makes prudent business ... continue reading