RedZone Practice Management

Taking Successful CPA Firms to the Next Level

Many quality football teams can gain yards and move the ball down the field. However, once they get inside the opponent’s 20-yard line, it becomes more difficult to achieve success.  Executing plays in this area of the field, referred to as “The RedZone”, is more risky. The margin of error is greater, but so are the potential rewards.  Football teams that consistently get into “The RedZone” and, more importantly, know how to score in this area, will become champions.

Many football teams are unsuccessful at scoring points when they reach “The RedZone”, the toughest and most crucial section of the field. Similarly, many profitable, quality accounting firms have difficulty in reaching the next and higher levels of success – they become stalled in the “RedZone”.  In the accounting profession, “The RedZone” includes the most critical situations that your firm encounters.  How does your firm perform each time your firm enters “The RedZone”?  The answer will determine your firm’s future.

Accountants Advisory Group’s “RedZone Practice Management” is a strategic program for progressive accounting firm partners who are ready to take their firms to the next level of success.  Our coaches equip your firm with a customized implementation plan — a “game plan”— to assist your partners in achieving championship-caliber results.

Firms that are unsuccessful at scoring in “The RedZone” will be unable to remain independent and will have to “turn the ball over to the other team”.  “RedZone Practice Management” strategies are geared toward maximizing your firm’s ability to overcome the obstacles that prohibit your organization from achieving long-lasting success.

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