Predictions for 2018 and Beyond

As we close-out 2017, the accounting profession landscape is changing rapidly.  The firms that will take full advantage of the huge opportunities for the accounting profession in 2018 and beyond will be those that: attract and retain the best staff; run their firms more like a business vs. a practice; have a sense of urgency to decide on important decisions; have contemporary and strategic leadership; offer more formal advisory and consulting services; adapt quickly to ... continue reading

Success Factors of CPA Partner Relationships — Collaboration

Part II Collaborative partner relationships are one of the most critical success factors for a CPA firm. The partners’ ability to work harmoniously with each other and possess the deep knowledge and understanding of what makes each other “tick” is essential to creating and sustaining successful partnerships. In Part I of this article, we discussed a “Shared Vision” and “Trust” as key factors. Over our many years of experience advising and consulting to CPA firms, we ... continue reading

Success Factors of CPA Partner Relationships

Over our many years of advising and consulting to CPA firms, we have observed certain common factors in CPA partner relationships that have led to a firm’s long-term success. ... continue reading

Navigating Through Preliminary Merger Discussions

Most M&A deals typically go through five stages: preliminary discussions; transactional detail meetings and negotiations; an initial agreement outlined in a memo of understanding or letter of intent; due diligence; and the transaction agreement and signing of the partner/shareholder agreement. Quite often, I am asked what are the pertinent types of questions that should be asked by the selling firm in an M&A transaction in the first few meetings. The following are some examples: Vision, ... continue reading

The 2017 Accounting & Business Show

We hope to see you at the Florida Institute of CPAs 2017 Accounting & Business Show this week!  Accountants Advisory Group is proud to be an exhibitor, and information about our CPA firm advisory services and “RedZone Practice Management” will be included in the show bag.  Please stop by Booth #419 to say hello.  Sign-up for our RedZone blog and enter for a chance to win a comprehensive Marketing Consultation.  We hope to see you ... continue reading