FutureTrak—Career Development Programs for Partners and Staff

Developing & Retaining Talented Accounting Professionals

Attracting quality professionals is always a challenge. The greater challenge is retaining and developing those individuals into the future leaders of your firm.

Commitment to the professional development of staff is a defining characteristic of successful CPA firms and one of the leading factors of staff retention. Accountants Advisory Group, LLC assists CPA firms in developing and implementing customized “Career Development Programs” to retain key personnel and build a culture where staff are motivated and supported by partners and firm leaders.

Our skilled human capital professionals will develop a tailor-made “Career Development Program” for your staff that is designed to focus on key areas, including:

  • Technical competencies
  • Managerial and supervisory abilities
  • Leadership capabilities
  • Practice development and marketing skills
  • Client service and retention
  • Firm management and finance

Human Capital Program

To ensure long-term success, staffing must meet the needs of today’s accounting firms and provide a structure to develop future partners. Strategic plans will not be successful without the proper complement of human capital to implement the plans. In addition, staffing decisions cannot be made for short-term needs alone.

Accountants Advisory Group’s Human Capital Program includes:

  • Linking the goals and performance of each staff person to the firm’s strategic goals.
  • Establishing a clear and credible basis for merit increases and incentive awards by setting and communicating expectations and performance standards.
  • Providing guidance in planning and writing performance appraisals and conducting appraisal feedback sessions.
  • Creating and implementing motivational techniques to achieve firm goals.
  • Facilitating staff meetings and retreats.
  • Conducting team and leadership building programs.
  • Administering staff surveys and employee focus groups.
  • Assisting in the recruitment of talented and “attitude-appropriate” partners and staff to achieve the firm’s goals.
  • Conducting customized career counseling and mentoring programs.
  • Building employee–partner rapport and resolving relationship issues.
  • Developing, revising, or updating a firm’s employee handbook.

In view of today’s competitive environment for quality personnel, a career development program is one of the best investments your firm can make in its most important asset – your people.

Please contact Joseph A. Tarasco at 845-265-9046 or e-mail Joe@AccountantsAdvisory.com for more information.

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